Monday, 11 April 2011

ITV The Dales

In a new, 12-part series for ITV1, Adrian Edmondson returns to the county of his birth, Yorkshire, to bring us the stories behind a summer in the life of the Yorkshire Dales. The Dales is currently on ITV Mondays at 8pm. Spectacularly beautiful they may be – but the Dales are also a challenging environment for the people who live there in some of its remote communities. Adrian used to spend many of his childhood summers in the Yorkshire Dales with his family, but in this series he meets a number of characters who live all year round there amidst the stunning scenery. Adrian Edmondson commented to ITV
My parents were very keen on ‘days out’ and picnics, we spent a lot of our time visiting Bolton Abbey, and Aysgarth Falls and we used to walk across Ilkley Moor about once a week. The Dales is also like a geography text book, I spent a lot of time going there on school field trips. As I got into my mid teens the Dales became a regular spot for me and my mates to go camping/hiking/chasing girls/trying to get served in pubs....
Information courtesy of ITV.