Thursday 26 May 2011

2012 Going Live!

Bookings for 2012 are now open. Popular dates such as The Old Gallery at Christmas and New Year may get taken quickly, so now is the time to book ahead!
Winter 2011/12 will see more refurbishment and upgrades as well as our proposed grass roofed cottage on the adjoining plot (see separate post). We're hoping to get permission for a new games room that will feature table football, pool and a "chillout" zone. Weather (and funds!) permitting, will see re-roofing, using the original slates new cast guttering and replacement of the last of the 1960's windows with original Victorian style ones. We especially want to get the windows in the original writing room - now The Moorview - replaced as quickly as we can. We've also got plans for other parts of the main house so, watch this space!