Tuesday 21 February 2023

2023 and beyond!

This year marks 25 YEARS since we first acquired the buildings at Westwood Lodge - then known as The Glenmoor Centre. We've been through a few changes over the years. initially we were a day and residential conference centre with one self-catering cottage and offering B&B in our 10 bedrooms. After Foot & Mouth Disease closed large areas of the countryside in 2001, we limited ourselves to day meetings and then stopped catering operations altogether in 2003. We were totally self-catering stays from then, until the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to virtually close down in 2020. 

Since the easing of Coronavirus restrictions - given our increasing age and energies - we've now switched to longer lets. Generally these are for a minimum of 12 weeks and aimed at people who live elsewhere, but need accommodation here in Ilkley for a few months. Examples include people moving house, carrying out major home refurbishment or needing to be here because of work or the needs of elderly relatives. 

Rest assured, we're not going anywhere! Whilst we're sorry that our regular holiday cottage guests - many we regard as good friends - have had to find alternatives, we are pleased to continue to operate and to invest in the fine Grade II Historic Listed Buildings, that are the wonderful Westwood Lodge Ilkley Moor.