Wednesday 29 July 2009

Swine Flu Latest

We have today (29th July 2009) been informed that our recommended cancellation insurers will NOT apply the normal exclusion clause relating to Pandemics. Therefore, guests who take out a UK Plus Holiday Cancellation Insurance policy will find it COVERS SWINE FLU AS PER ANY OTHER MEDICAL RISK in accordance with the normal Policy Terms and Conditions. This will come as a great relief to many planning holidays. If you do NOT take out our recommended cancellation insurance or have alternative cover, do check and consider what would happen if you had to cancel your stay due to a member of your party being taken ill with Swine Flu. We will apply our Standard Booking Conditions to any such cancellation. In short, we cannot afford to have empty accommodation and, if you do not have suitable cover, you may find yourself having to pay for a holiday you are unable to take. Yorkshire currently has a much lower than average incidence of the illness but this situation may change as the summer progresses.