Tuesday 17 July 2012

Summer is coming - hopefully!

Yorkshire (and the UK) is expected to get drier and warmer as we approach August.  There are signs that the jet stream may shift northwards which means it should feel more like summer, at last!  It's all down to pressure building in the Azores!

BBC Weather says: -
"The jet stream s a great river of wind flowing through the upper atmosphere. Its path is the cause of the repeated flooding being suffered during a British summer that has so far been one of the most miserable on record.  It usually passes along a steady path from west to east across the Atlantic - sometimes a bit to the north of the UK, sometimes a bit to the south.  As a relatively small island, on the borderline between the Atlantic Ocean and the European continent, the precise location of the stream matters hugely and, at the moment, the UK is on the wrong side of it.  However, if it shifts, the weather should prove to be more like summer."

Saturday 14 July 2012

New late-night pharmacy ideal for guests

We're delighted that a new late night pharmacy has opened here in Ilkley.  It's a joint venture involving our local GPs from the Ilkley Moor Medical Practice on Springs Lane.  It intends to be open 7 days a week and until 11pm Mondays to Saturdays.
"We regularly get guests asking about obtaining their prescription medicine.  Often they didn't get time to hand their prescription in before coming away on holiday.  So this new pharmacy should prove a big hit with our guests"

Friday 13 July 2012

Big names coming to Ilkley Literature Festival

Paddy Ashdown, Michael Portillo, Sandy Gall (ex ITN), Michael palin, Sandi Toksvig, Jeremy Vine, Clare Balding, John Suchet...

They're all going to be at the Ilkley Literature Festival which will be held from 28th September until 14th October 2012.  Click here to find out the latest on who will be attending.  Tickets go on sale in mid-August with popular names getting snapped up in hours (or even minutes!). 

Book your stay at Westwood Lodge now!  If for any reason you don't get the tickets you were hoping for, we'll change the dates of your stay - even to the 2013 Festival if necessary!

Thursday 12 July 2012

Ilkley Stones on Radio 4

Don't miss Radio 4 this Sunday (15th July) Put it in your diary!

BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a special 30 minute documentary called Poems from the Pennines, a documentary featuring the Stanza Stones project on Sunday 15th July at 4.30pm. Repeated on Saturday 21st July at 11.30pm. BBC Radio 4 Website 

Tune in to hear interviews with Simon Armitage, Ilkley Literature Festival and young people involved in the project

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Great Yorkshire Show 2012

After 3 months of unprecedented rainfall the organisers have had to take the difficult decision to cancel The Great Yorkshire Show on the evening of the first day (Tuesday 10th July) after suffering a further 30 minute deluge.   Sadly the car parks cannot now be used to park cars safely and so they simply couldn't continue.

The Great Yorkshire Show is the largest agricultural show in the UK and has never been previously been cancelled.
"This is a heartbreaking decision for everyone who loves the Great Yorkshire Show and is involved in making it so special"