Monday 12 July 2021

Summer Update

We have been very busy with extended stays this year. It seems that everyone is moving house at the moment! We've proved to be a useful tool to help "break the chain" on several house moves.  People have been able to sell-up and move in with us for a few weeks, whilst seeking a suitable property, or stay here whilst carrying out major refurbishment work on their own house before moving in (or back in!) 

We will continue with longer lets (months rather than weeks) and won't be returning to offering weekly stays or short breaks. We currently don't expect to have any availability until early September. 

Looking ahead, we hope to be able to offer off-season "winter lets" at a further reduced rate from November until Easter.

Sunday 30 May 2021

Summer Availability

We are only able to offer extended stays (28 to 180 nights) this year.  We currently have two apartments coming available in July - The Moorview (1 bedroom) and The Glenmoor (2 bedrooms).  We currently don't have any cottages free. Please click here for more details.

Thursday 15 April 2021

Lifting the Lockdown - Spring update

Non-essential stays are now allowed. However, we are not attempting to return to our normal self-catering model this year. Sorry, but only longer stays will be possible (months rather than weeks) and only booked up to around 28 days before arrival. All stays will be at a heavily reduced rates but won't include things like mid-stay housekeeping services. Accommodation will be fully furnished and prepared to the highest “We’re Good To Go” standards with all essentials included (pots, pans, cutlery etc). Our stays this year are aimed at people needing to be in Ilkley for an extended period - maybe a job move, moving house or having major work done at home. Click here for more details.

Sunday 28 February 2021

Lifting the Lockdown

The current situation - due to the continuing lockdown, we remain closed except for essential stays in line with Government directives. All our cottages and apartments are occupied by people who have been staying with us through the winter. New essential stays are possible - where we have availability - for a minimum of 28 nights. The Main House remains closed.

Spring/ Summer 2021 - non-essential stays can resume from 12th April (single household) and 17th May/21st June (more than one household). From these dates, there will be no limitations on the reason for staying here. However, the target dates set by the Government are provisional and might change (again). After careful thought, we have decided to continue to only offer stays of at least 28 nights in 2021. It will not be possible to book weekly or short breaks. We currently have some longer stay availability. 

Click here for more details about longer stays at Westwood Lodge.

Thank you for your ongoing support during the pandemic.

Tim and Paula

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Winter 2021 Lockdown

We confirm that, due to the current lockdown measures covering all of England, our normal business will remain CLOSED until further notice. All future holidays and short break bookings have long since been CANCELLED and guests fully refunded. 

In accordance with lockdown rules, the only people staying here are those using us as their main residence (such as in between houses or major work taking place at their usual home, rendering it inhabitable), or for self-isolation, work or education/ training.

We are reviewing prospects for reopening later in 2021, but regret that we cannot take any provisional bookings or reserve dates in the hope of things getting back to normal anytime soon.

Thank you for all your support during the pandemic.

Tim and Paula