Friday 18 November 2011

Ilkley Moor on National Radio

If you were listening to Radio 4 "Today" this morning (Friday 18th November 2011), you'll have heard an item about our very own Ilkley Moor! 

"On Ilkley Moor Bah't 'at" has been Yorkshire's anthem since Victorian times, but now a brass band leader is launching a campaign to stop it from dying out.
Gordon Eddison, a school music teacher and musical director of Otley Brass Band, explained to John Humprhys why he is campaigning to keep the song alive.

Monday 7 November 2011

Olympic Torch Coming Through Ilkley

It's been confirmed that the route of the Olympic Torch will come through the centre of Ilkley on Sunday 24th June 2012.  The route on the day takes the torch from Salford (near Manchester) over the Pennines to Keighley before heading up Airedale to Skipton over into Wharfedale and down the valley through Ilkley and onto Leeds.  See the route here.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Bradford Voted Britain's Curry Capital!

Nearby Bradford has been voted Britain's Curry Capital!  Bradford was nominated by people from all over the world with votes for Bradford restaurants coming in from cities from across Britain and abroad. The 2011 team comprised Aagrah Shipley, Kiplings Bradford, Prashad and Shimla Spice Keighley. The response to voting for Bradford was so big the voting website crashed!

A team of judges put the team of restaurants through their paces, scoring them on the standard of their food and service, their hygiene and cleanliness and how they serve their communities. Visit Bradford (Bradford Council's Tourism department) also submitted a bid document.  Jacqui Bennet - Senior Tourism Development Officer for the Bradford District (which includes Ilkley and Wharfedale) - thanked everyone who helped the Bradford campaign.

Shimla Spice produced over 2000 emailed votes to win the title of Customer Restaurant of the Year 2011 and the city scored highly in every sector from "Scores on the Doors", to judges' visits and fund raising for The Curry Tree.

The judges decided the Bradford bid showed deep understanding of the curry sector and particularly noted the creation of the International Food Academy and the Food Ministry.

Bradford is 25 minutes by train from Ilkley and Shipley just 20 minutes.