Friday, 22 March 2013

Adverse Weather - 23rd/ 24th March 2013

*** More snow is forecast this weekend *** guests all arrived safely but only way in and out is on foot *** trains running ok except on route to Carlisle *** roads to Ilkley currently ok but up to Ilkley Moor is not *** 

We are always fully prepared and intend to remain fully open.  Main roads in the area are expected to stay open (drive with extreme care) and rail services into Ilkley will be operating (possibly with a few delays and cancellations).   Even if you can't do everything you've been planning, local shops, pubs and restaurants should all be open!   We're always prepared for extreme weather here. The boilers are all serviced, we have plenty of cut logs for open fires and our 4x4 vehicle is ready to ferry guests up the hill from the station or town centre.

We appreciate that media reports often indicate a dire and severe situation, which is rarely the case. Of course, the position may be different elsewhere and extra care and measures such as carrying a shovel in your vehicle, extra warm clothing and flasks of hot drinks are always wise precautions. On the positive side, Ilkley and Ilkley Moor always look like Christmas card scenes in the snow. Snowballs and sledging may be the order of the day over the weekend.
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