Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Original Harry Ramsden Saved!

The original Harry Ramsden's Restaurant in Guiseley closed late last year has been saved!  Contrary to rumour, it's not going to become an Aldi supermarket but will stay as an iconic fish and chip restaurant.  The Wetherby Whaler Group  is said to be planning a £500,000 revamp before it re-opens.

Harry Ramsden's opened in 1931 in the art nouveau-styled building. The restaurant once served a record number of portions of fish and chips and also attracted celebrity diners including Margaret Thatcher, who paid it a visit during her 1979 and 1983 election campaigns.
"The famous fish and chip restaurant in Guiseley is the spiritual home of fish and chips in England," said Phillip Murphy of the Wetherby Whaler Group. "It would be a national scandal if it were to close at this time of economic uncertainly. Our investment has saved a Yorkshire landmark and will ensure the tradition of fine fish and chips continues at this important location. The new Wetherby Whaler in Guiseley will be our flagship restaurant."