Thursday, 17 February 2011

Leeds CyclePoint is the biz!

Based on a successful Dutch concept, you can now turn-up and hire bikes at Leeds Station - the first CyclePoint in the UK. We tried it this week to visit our architect (thanks Matt!). Friendly Andy at CyclePoint quickly sorted us out and within minutes we were cycling across the city centre, along the canal, under the flyover and away! No traffic jams, no taxis, no hassle! So if you're heading out for a day in Leeds (Harvey Nicks, Armouries Museum, waterfront cafes, nightlife etc), it's a great way of seeing the sites. Leeds City is just £4.90 return on the train (after 9.30am, anytime at weekends) and bike hire for the day is £8. Here's us with Paula whizzing through Holbeck just to prove it! (Photos: Matt Sturgeon Cyclepoint).