Monday, 24 September 2007

Ilkley Triathlon - 23rd September 2007

This has become a bit of an annual habit for a whole group of us in Wharfedale. The image of a triathlon always conjured up for me a picture of sinewy, anorexic-looking men and women sweating their way up and down mountains for hours on end, without an ounce of enjoyment to show for their endeavours. Well, I never thought I would join them! The Ilkley Triathlon is organised by Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club and is a "sprint" (ie shorter) event. It's still 20 lengths of the pool, immediately followed by a 15km hilly cycle ride (with fresh air and great views!) and finishing off with a 5km hilly run. Hard work unless you're pretty fit, but a more helpful and encouraging group of people organising it, you couldn't hope to meet! Because everyone sets off at different times, and the course is in laps, nobody has any idea - or cares - how well you're doing. Indeed, there are quiet stretches where you could stop running or even push your bike uphill without anyone spotting you, if things are tough - even though 300 odd people do the event. Above all, there's this marvellous buzz as you cross the finishing line with that feeling of achievement! If you're thinking of getting a bit fitter this winter and want to have something to aim for then this could be it. Highly recommended!