Monday, 23 July 2007

CLA Game Fair At Harewood Cancelled

We hear that the CLA Game Fair due to open at Harewood House on Friday 27th July has been CANCELLED. "Adverse, and worse than predicted weather which has hit Harewood Estate has now defeated all the efforts the organisers have made in order to open the show. Despite weeks of rain the site was drying out well before the deluge of rain on Friday afternoon followed by lighter but continuous rain throughout the weekend. The site is now saturated with water lying in all areas of the showground regardless of the ditches which have been dug to drain as much excess as possible. Vehicle movement is at a stand still other than movement along the 4000 metres of trackway and acres of bark that have been put along all the show rows. The concern is that once the exhibitors, catering units and other show contractors arrive many vehicles would have to drive off the protected areas in order to set up and the ground cannot take it. This would create a safety issue apart from the other issues of vehicles getting stuck or not being able to reach their stands". PLEASE NOTE THAT WESTWOOD LODGE IS VERY MUCH OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL as are the vast majority of attractions in this part of Yorkshire and (as far as we know) all restaurants, pubs, tea rooms etc. We look forward to welcoming all guests who were planning to attend the CLA Game Fair in the knowledge that there is still lots and lots to do during your stay with us.